Shape-Sorting Puzzles

Shape Sorters (2)

I’ve already introduced Veronika to the notion of “in” and “out” with games when she was younger. Now, at nine months old, it’s the perfect chance to introduce a toy that takes this concept to the next level: shape sorters!

Not only are shape sorters fantastic for (obviously) learning shapes, but they also hone fine motor skills and they are the perfect vessel to continue games of “in and out.” Rather obviously, first all the shapes go in…

Shape Sorters (1)

…then all the shapes come out!

Shape Sorters (6)

Veronika has two shape-sorting puzzles that she loves. The first is a classic bucket with a lid that detaches. Mostly she bangs the shapes against the lid, but she does aim for the holes and gets closer every time. Sometimes I’ll place a square (or circle or triangle) right near its hole so all she has to do is it tap it in.

Shape Sorters (3)

“In!” we say, whenever one lands.

Shape Sorters (5)

The second shape sorter is a little bus that has three shape slots on top to put them in

Shape Sorters (4)

…and a fun compartment in back that opens up to dump them out.

There are plenty of other ways to focus on “in” and “out” if you don’t have shape sorters. Consider mailing a letter together! Today Veronika helped me put one in to the envelope…

In and Out (1)

…and then in to the mailbox!

In and Out (2).jpg



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