Baby-Friendly Ice Sensory Activity

Baby Ice (2)

Here’s a way your baby can cool off while fitting in sensory play on a hot day!

I took Veronika outside before the sun was too high in the sky, along with a bowl of ice cubes and a few tools.

Baby Ice (1)

First, I simply wanted to see how she would react to the ice. Some babies may want to grab it and really get in there! Veronika seemed a touch nervous about how cold it was but liked the sensation on her toes.

Baby Ice (3)

For added fun, I buried two shape toys in the ice. She loved reaching in and grabbing them out.

Baby Ice (4)

A wooden spoon added to the fun, too. She could “stir” the ice, or tap against the bowl. I put a few pieces on the hot patio and we watched together how quickly they turned to water.

Baby Ice (7)

You can also use measuring cups as scoops. These were fun for her to reach into the bowl with. Or just nibble on!

Baby Ice (5)

Don’t forget about sound! Put a few pieces of ice in one of the measuring cups and shake it for an auditory sensory experience.

Baby Ice (6)

And when you’re done, clean-up simply means dumping out the ice to melt in the grass!

Baby Ice (8)


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