I Spy Adjectives

Descriptive Words (5).JPG

No doubt you’re teaching your baby a lot of nouns: mommy, daddy, cats and dogs! But don’t forget about adjectives. Here’s a cute way to incorporate them into your baby’s vocabulary.

As Veronika and I went for a walk today, I made sure to mention at least one adjective for each item I named. Although you don’t need to, I find it fun to say, “I spy with my little eye…” before each one.

There were tall trees.

Descriptive Words (3)

Big dogs (and some small ones we passed, too!).

Descriptive Words (4)

Cold bottles.

Descriptive Words (6)

Tiny things like clovers and bugs.

Descriptive Words (7)

And so much more! You can continue the game as you drive or walk around town; fast cars are a great one, or name the colors of cars or buildings.

And certainly keep it up at home. We had mommy’s long skirt.

Descriptive Words (2)

And a big bite of food for my big girl!

Descriptive Words (1)

Consider reading a book together that same evening that focuses on adjectives, like Mouse is Small by Mary Murphy or Big Little by Leslie Patricelli.

Descriptive Words alt.jpg

What does your baby spy with his or her little eye? Please share in the comments!


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