Snowdrift Detective Game

Snowdrift Tec (3).JPG

There’s no need for real snow in order to play this game – although we have plenty of that out the door. Instead, fill a container with kosher salt and pretend to unearth the treasures that have been buried in the “snow”.

Travis helped me select a few small items from around the house, including a playing dice, rubber bands, clothespin, key, and coin.

Snowdrift Tec (1)

I wrote down all the words in a list and we glued this to the top of a mason jar lid, so we wouldn’t forget what we “buried”!

Snowdrift Tec (4)

Glue a colorful ribbon around the lid to make the jar feel festive. Now alternate adding kosher salt and the items until nearly full, leaving a bit of room at the top.

Snowdrift Tec (2)

Travis and I took turns shaking the jar and finding everything on the list. What detectives we were!

Snowdrift Tec (5)

Here’s hoping we don’t lose anything in a real snowdrift this winter.

Snowdrift Tec (6)

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