Finger Puppet Board Books

Finger Puppet Book (4)

Veronika is 14 months old now, and still doesn’t like to sit still for story time, so I’m always on the lookout for ways to capture her attention.

No doubt you’ve seen these little finger puppet board books at the bookshop or library. Featuring a soft little puppet face in the center, the story typically revolves around one type of animal, but you can also buy ones specific to a fairy tale or nursery rhyme, or even silly ones about food.

Finger Puppet Book (1)

In our collection we have:

Little Snowman

Baby Sloth

Baby Fish

and Taco Tuesday

That last one is by far the silliest, the tale of a taco trying to talk your child out of eating it for lunch and offering up other foods instead.

No matter what you’re reading, have fun putting your finger in the puppet and wiggling along. Veronika loves grabbing for it, which helps hold her attention.

Finger Puppet Book (6)

She also loves the hole opposite the puppet, which is fascinating for babies to put their fingers through as you turn the pages.

Finger Puppet Book (3)

If you’re lucky, you might even catch a story time with the librarian wiggling the little puppet along!

Finger Puppet Book (5)

I love that these books help us bond over story time. How do you hold a reluctant reader’s attention? Please share in the comments!


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