Books for the Car

Cloth Book (4).JPG

I thought it was worthwhile to do a post about books that keep Veronika entertained in the car, as she hits fourteen months old. I’ve found that while she won’t spend much time with books at home, she’ll flip through these solo in her car seat, often for quite some time! Here are a few varieties that really do the trick.

First up: cloth books. She has one I love that features a different number on each page, and items to manipulate in different ways (four slices of pizza, six fish, etc.). Another favorite tells the (much abbreviated) tale of Peter Rabbit, with bunnies to slide and flaps to lift, all in soft cloth. These are great for the car because they double as sensory material in addition to the visuals.

Next up: bathtub books are surprisingly great in the car since the texture is novel and the pages beg to be turned.

Cloth Book (2)

We love to giggle over The Pigeon Needs a Bath, even if she doesn’t “get” the story yet.

Finally, musical books. Although I’m not a fan of them in the house, books that make a lot of noise can be just the ticket for car entertainment. We love V-Tech’s Musical Rhymes Book that sings the words on each page, plus features buttons with instruments or colors.

vtech (3)

What does your toddler love in the car? Please share in the comments! Note: All photos were taken outside of the car for safety’s sake, of course.

vtech (1)

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