Toddler Bath: Mess and Clean

Bath Crayons (1)

Here are Veronika’s two current favorite games in the tub, at fourteen months old. One involves making a mess.. .and the other involves clean-up!

First up is bath crayons. Whether you’re using crayons or tub-safe finger paints, and whether they are store-bought or homemade, making art in the tub fascinates kids this age. The marks appear as if by magic on the white tub walls, and then wash off with one swish of the water.

Bath Crayons (2)

You can just set your artist free to make swirls or have fun helping your little one by drawing objects (boats, the sun) or drawing letters and shapes.

Bath Crayons (3)

For some clean up fun, we love to take toy cars into the tub! I showed Veronika how to use a washcloth to scrubby scrub scrub on the cars.

Wash Cars in Tub (1)

She loves to take a cup of water and pour it over them (cause and effect!) to help rinse the cars off.

Wash Cars in Tub (2)

Both of these are simple but turn a regular bath time into true play time for your tot.

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