Fruit-Filled Jigglers

Fruit Jigglers (3)

Jell-o desserts might just be the perfect sensory material for toddlers, equal parts play and edible snack! Here’s a fun twist on how Veronika has played with jell-o in the past. As always, I use the vegan jel dessert from Simply Delish.

Prepare the dessert according to package directions (we used strawberry), and pour into very shallow plates or containers as a mold.

Fruit Jigglers (1)

I added a few raspberries as “treasures” for Veronika to dig up. Any other berry or small pieces of fruit would work, too. Consider a fruit your little one hasn’t tried yet, as this game encourages taste exploration!

As I prepared dinner, I sat Veronika down in her high chair and scooped out the thin layers of jell-o. I gave her an assortment of cookie cutters, and let her go to town!

Fruit Jigglers (4)

It was fun to talk about the shapes she could make with the cookie cutters, and she did lots of poking and prodding.

Fruit Jigglers (2)

When she discovered the raspberries, she was delighted! She seemed a bit overwhelmed by the amount of jell-o on her tray, so I pared it down to one portion per cookie cutter shape.

Fruit Jigglers (5)

She grinned when she discovered the taste! This is the perfect activity to fill time while you cook.

Fruit Jigglers (6)

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