Jell-o Sensory Activity

Jello Sensory (5).JPGThis twist on jell-o play will be a delight for any baby around 7 months old! Not only are babies at this age making their first forays into finger-feeding themselves, but any activities involving texture are a hit. Add a prize to dig for and an edible medium, and you pretty much have the prefect game.

First I made jell-o with our favorite vegan brand, Simply Delish’s jel desserts. Big brother Travis picked the flavor – strawberry!

Pour the jell-o over soft toys in Tupperware containers (make sure all are large enough not to pose a choking hazard).

Jello Sensory (1)

I thought large containers would be easier, but the toys popped up to the surface! Instead, it was easier to “trap” them in small containers.

Jello Sensory (2)

You can also wait for the dessert to set slightly, then push the toy down inside.

I presented Veronika with the Tupperware and the task to dig up the toy treasure. Of course at first she was just fascinated with the container and lid!

Jello Sensory (3)

Then she became aware of the items buried inside. Little fingers began digging. Once the toys were out, it was straight to her mouth. Yum, it tastes like strawberry!

Jello Sensory (6)

Now she wanted more of what was in the bowl. After feeling around…

Jello Sensory (7)

…the dessert plopped out into her lap.

Jello Sensory (8)

I rescued her from this and now it was fun to squish around on the tray. Soon she had big fistfuls going right up to her lips.

Jello Sensory (10)

Basically this was messy and perfect fun.


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