Q-Tip Painting

Q Tip Paint (6).JPG

Sometimes it seemed like every other project Travis brought home from pre-k involved dot markers; teachers sure do love this art medium! This craft is almost like a homemade version, but will help with precision and letter tracing.

I wrote Travis’s name all in capital letters on construction paper and set out bowls of paint and q-tips.

Q Tip Paint (1)

He thought the idea of “homemade” dot markers was so neat! At first he intended to smear along the lines of the letters, but when I showed him how to dot the q-tip, he quickly took to it. I had imagined he’d dot at intervals, but he wanted his dots right up against each other so no line showed through.

Q Tip Paint (2)

This activity is nice reinforcement if your child already knows how to spell his or her name. Because he had to move slowly through each letter, Travis noticed that an upper case R starts out looking like a P, until you add the last diagonal line. What a way to notice the building blocks!

Q Tip Paint (3)

He wasn’t satisfied until he’d added the last dot.

Q Tip Paint (4)

And loved mixing up the colors, too.

Q Tip Paint (5)

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