Off-Peak Play

Off Peak Play (3)

Grown-ups like off-peak prices on train tickets, and babies like off-peak hours at indoor  play spaces… but which I mean, going when it’s not too crowded! If you’ve been curious about checking out such a place with your baby, I highly recommend going when you know it won’t be packed (hint: lunchtime, when everyone else makes an exodus home).

To wit, we showed up at a play space today when it was quite crowded (whoops, I should have known, on a rainy day!). Veronika seemed tentative as she tried out a few baby toys on the soft mats…

Off Peak Play (1)

and the ball play area…

Off Peak Play (5)

and soft blocks to build with.

Off Peak Play (4)

Once the space cleared out, I saw her whole body loosen up. Suddenly her movements were bigger, her expressions happier, and the “ga ga gas” began in earnest.

Off Peak Play (9)

Now she loved baby toys!

Off Peak Play (2)

And balls!

Off Peak Play (6)

And soft blocks!

Off Peak Play (11)

I loved watching her and brother in the soft block space! If there is a ball pit, dangle your baby in gently and swish him or her around, for a gentle introduction.

Off Peak Play (10)

Do you have a favorite local indoor play space? Please share in the comments!

Off Peak Play (8)

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