Small Toys in an Empty Wipes Container

Toys in Wipes (4)

Today Veronika and I circled back to a game we played when she was much smaller, back then using fabric scraps. Now, with strong toddler hands, it was time to put toys in an empty wipes container!

Toys in Wipes (1)

To kick off the game, I used pieces of toy fruit that Velcro together. I showed Veronika how to stuff them down into the container, and she was an eager copycat.

Toys in Wipes (2)

Then we lifted the whole lid and dumped the fruit out. Next up: magnet letters! She loved making these disappear into the container, and of course we named each letter as it went in.

Toys in Wipes (3)

We followed up with foam puzzle pieces. This time she was much more interested in taking out. Doing so requires strong hand muscles, in order to reach past the flap in the container, grip the item, and tug it out.

Toys in Wipes (5)

Don’t be surprised if your little ones gets silly and wants to see what else fits inside. A chocolate bar?

Toys in Wipes (8).JPG

Finally, we played with a set of plastic bugs. Perhaps because of all the tantalizing legs and antennae, these were her favorites to put in and out.

Toys in Wipes (6)

A very simple game that will entertain a toddler immensely!

Toys in Wipes (7)


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