Animal Puppet Craft Challenge

Animal Puppet (6).JPG

More and more I’m watching Travis take the lead when it comes to the monthly craft challenge in his Highlights magazine. This morning, I presented him with an empty paper towel tube, a few craft sticks, and construction paper, with the challenge to make an animal puppet. It didn’t take him long to get creative!

Animal Puppet (1)

He could immediately see how the tube would work as the body. Whereas I had envisioned the sticks only as a handle for a puppet, Travis figured his animal would need arms. As soon as he held the sticks out to the side of the tube, he declared, “A bird!”

Animal Puppet (2)

Now we knew we needed construction paper “feathers” for the wings.

Animal Puppet (4)

I helped him cut these out, along with a head and beak.

Animal Puppet (5)

A second little winged creature looked a bit different without the circle face. Travis declared this one was a bat! He couldn’t wait for them to dry so he could flap his puppets around.


Animal Puppet (3)

What animal will your kid come up with using only these materials? Please share in the comments!

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