Snowman Craft Challenge

Snowman Craft Challenge (6)

Travis had lots of laughter tackling this month’s craft challenge from Highlights magazine: to make a snowman using anything except cotton balls. This very open-ended project had Travis raiding the craft bin for anything that seemed snowman-like: think white and fluffy. We also thought about accessories: orange for carrot noses, pom poms for buttons, etc.

On his suggestion, I cut out two circles from white felt to be the snowman’s body. From there, Travis veered in a decidedly nontraditional direction!

Snowman Craft Challenge (1)

First we used old thread and wiggle eyes for the face. Travis glued on a piece of string upside down to make it a sad snowman – oh no!

Snowman Craft Challenge (2)

Then he decided it was sad Santa (because no one believed in him!), and added red pom poms buttons and a “belt,”

Snowman Craft Challenge (3).JPG

The snowman got sillier and sillier from there, briefly adorned with holiday-patterned cupcake liners, and then soon denuded of its items.

Snowman Craft Challenge (5)

Travis thought ripping things off the felt was almost as fun as crafting them on. I guess snowmen do melt!

Snowman Craft Challenge (4)

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