Threading Cereal on Pipe Cleaners

Cheerio Pipecleaner (2)

Veronika and I have been working our way through classic toddler activities lately; she’s at that tricky age between having developed the gross motor skills of a one-year-old, but not yet ready for the understanding or fine motor skills of an 18 month old. I remember this period feeling particularly tricky to fill with my older son, but this time around I’m prepared!

Hence, the emphasis on classic games lately. Today, I sat her down with a big blob of play doh on her highchair tray, but the play doh was only an anchor, not the point of the game.

Cheerio Pipecleaner (1)

Insert pipe cleaner pieces into the play doh base. Now show your little one how to thread o cereal onto them (we like the Morning O’s from Whole Foods 365).

Cheerio Pipecleaner (3)

Veronika quickly got the idea, although she loved lifting the cereal off to eat it more than she focused on threading it on.

Cheerio Pipecleaner (4)

That, of course, turns this activity into snack time, too, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Cheerio Pipecleaner (5)

The pipe cleaners are also fun to lift in and out of the sticky play doh base.

Cheerio Pipecleaner (7)

Needless to say, it’s a great way to keep a toddler busy during meal prep.

Cheerio Pipecleaner (8)

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