Toys in Tin Foil

Toys in Tin Foil (2)

Similar to a recent game where I wrapped up old toys for Veronika, today I delighted her with little treasures she could unwrap from tin foil.

The exciting element here of course is the shiny foil, which might just fascinate your toddler more than the toys inside!

Toys in Tin Foil (3)

Then I showed her a sneak peak of what was inside.

Toys in Tin Foil (4)

She needed a little help with the unwrapping, but looked so proud when she reached the treasures (er, old toys).

Toys in Tin Foil (5)

Of course then she was busy with the toys; what’s old is new again when presented in this different context!

Toys in Tin Foil (8)

You can extend the fun by crumpling up the discarded foil into tight balls, which then become balls to shoot into a basket.

Toys in Tin Foil (6)

Unfortunately the game was short-lived thereafter because Veronika thought it was very funny to put the foil in her mouth, especially once she realized this earned a firm “no.” Hopefully you and your toddler can play a bit longer!

Toys in Tin Foil (7)

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