The Scribble

The Scribble (2)

It was bound to happen: Veronika discovered that she can color on the walls (luckily with washable crayons!). So here’s an ingenious hack to foster your toddler’s artistic impulses with a safer way to color.

I used magnets to hang a large sheet of craft paper on the fridge and sat Veronika down in front of it with a few markers. She didn’t need me to tell her to start coloring; she immediately launched into the art of the scribble.

The Scribble (1)

Aside from one mommy stick figure, this drawing was 100% Veronika’s. She loved switching up the colors.

The Scribble (3)

She also was very focused on putting cap to marker in between colors, a great chance to work those fine motor skills!

The Scribble (5)

As she drew, I talked about how the color on the paper was a “yes” (use sign language here to reinforce the idea!), but that other places were a “no”, like the floor or her hands.

The Scribble (4)

This will help a toddler start to learn that art belongs on paper, for now at least!

As for those crayon marks on the wall, here’s an ingenious trick: Heat the area with a hair dryer for about 30 seconds to melt the wax. Then scrub off the remaining streaks with soap and water. Ingenious!

The Scribble (6)

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