Drive Home Reading

Drive to Reading (5)

This activity is the advanced version of an alphabet parking lot I made for Travis back when he was in pre-school! Now he’s fast learning his sight words in Kindergarten, and I was so proud watching him drive up to the “parking spaces” I created today.

Lay out a long sheet of craft paper and draw rectangular parking spaces. I filled the spaces with common sight words, using only about ten words to start. I set out an assortment of Travis’s cars and called him over.

Drive to Reading (1)

“I love this game!” he said, remembering the alphabet version. I took over as the announcer, asking, “Can the orange car drive to the parking spot that says ‘in’ please,” and so on.

Drive to Reading (4)

It only took him a moment to scan through and find each word, which showed me he’s growing quite comfortable with these sight words.

Drive to Reading (2)

Of course we needed to park a silly Lego in the final space.

Drive to Reading (6)

He loved it so much, he immediately asked, “Can we play again!” So I quickly created a second parking lot adjacent to our first.

Drive to Reading (7)

He very seriously drove all the cars over. I added a few slightly tougher words, now, including “down” and “here”. That didn’t slow Travis down here in the slightest!

Drive to Reading (9)

Soon every car was parked. He even wanted a third round, which I didn’t have time for! I promised him a new lot, soon.

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