DIY Lift the Flap Book

DIY Lift Flap (7)

If your toddler is at all like Veronika, then a) any lift-the-flap books you have in the house are dearly loved and b) the flaps have all been torn apart! Here’s a simple hack to make your own lift the flap book. All you need are post-its and board books.

Any kind of “First Words” book works particularly well for this game since there are lots of individual pictures to cover up. Technically, though, you could play it with any book on your child’s shelf!

DIY Lift Flap (1)

For variety, I left some of the post-it notes as full squares, and cut others into smaller squares or rectangles.

DIY Lift Flap (2)

Now simply let your child turn the pages (working those fine motor skills) and talk about the pictures he or she discovers as each post-it is ripped off (working those language skills)!

DIY Lift Flap (9)

A note of caution: You might want to avoid books that make noises. Veronika was so sidetracked by a cat meowing that she lost interest in the flaps for a while!

DIY Lift Flap (5)

But once she discovered the post-it notes could be pulled off, they were a hit.

DIY Lift Flap (3)

Plus she figured out they could double as “stickers“.

DIY Lift Flap (8)

This was a simple and novel way to engage a reluctant reader at storytime, and I highly recommend it.

DIY Lift Flap (6)

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