Surprise Tins

Surprise Tins (9)

I was in a pinch to keep Veronika occupied while Travis had home school this morning. Thinking fast, I pulled out a few old cookie tins from the cupboard. I had a set of three nesting ones, which was especially great since they moved from largest to smallest and we could talk about size as she played with them.

Surprise Tins (1)

I filled the biggest one with a set of magnetic letters. I filled the medium one with wooden blocks. As a bonus, the blocks are magnetic, so they could stick to the lid or side of the cookie tin.

I filled the third with various bottle caps, jar lids, and applesauce pouch tops that I’ve saved up for just such an occasion. Now I gave Veronika all three tins (with the lids loose so as not to frustrate her) and set her busy hands to work.

Surprise Tins (2)

The smallest tin, with the caps, was the instant favorite. She loved going through all the different varieties, and even said, “applesauce!” when she recognized the twisty cap.

Surprise Tins (3)

She tapped them together, sorted them into and out of the tin, and of course practiced taking the lid off and on.

Surprise Tins (5)

Eventually she moved over to the other tins, finding fun in the letters…

Surprise Tins (10)

…and the blocks.

Surprise Tins (8)

But those little bottle caps were definitely the favorite! When she returned to the game, that was instantly her go-to tin.

Surprise Tins (7)

I am going to keep this set tucked away in the cupboard to pull out whenever I need them. You can even mix up the items inside so the “surprise” is different each time and the game never grows old.

Surprise Tins (4)

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