Light-Up Heart Flower

Light Up Flower (7)

After lots of experiments with circuits, not only does Travis have a good understanding of how they work, but mommy does, too! In all honesty, this was a project I put together for Travis to make home school pencils feel special, rather than one he learned from. Many of the steps were simply too advanced for a kindergartner’s dexterity. But consider it as a STEM project if you have kids aged 9 and up!

First, wrap a pencil in green tape for a flower stem. I did this against a light green pencil, giving it a nice two-tone look.

Light Up Flower (5)

To make petals, cut two squares of red cardstock that are 4×4 inches, and one square that is 3×3 inches.

Light Up Flower (1)

Fold the squares in half first vertically and then horizontally. Then fold diagonally in both directions. You can now tent up the piece of paper so it forms a smaller square.

Light Up Flower (2)

Draw a heart such that the bottom of it comes to the center fold.

Light Up Flower (4)

Cut out along the heart shape, and when you open the paper up, you’ll have 4 hearts! Repeat with the other pieces of cardstock.

Light Up Flower (3)

Punch a hole in the center of each of these “petals” using the sharp tip of a pencil or pen, and set aside. To put the flower together, glue an LED light to the pencil’s eraser end.

Light Up Flower (6)

Slip one large petal over the light, followed by the smaller petal, and use hot glue to secure in place. Tape a 3V battery underneath the large petal. Make sure that the negative side of the battery lines up with the negative end of the LED light, and the positive with the positive. (Hint: the positive leg is the longer one). Secure one of these connections with tape, but leave the other loose.

Light Up Flower (8)

Now push the final cardstock petal up from the lead end of the pencil. When it presses the other leg of the LED light against the battery, the circuit is complete!

You can secure this bottom piece of cardstock in place with a rubber band, if desired. Hopefully this makes all of Travis’s writing projects more exciting in the home school weeks ahead!

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