Walk and Find

Walk and FInd (4)

Here’s just a quick game I played with Veronika this morning, as we work on building her language skills and following directions.

For the former skill, I hid a series of toys under pillows, and then used directional words “Where is your toy?” “Who is under the pillow?” to direct her along.

Walk and FInd (2)

She very quickly solved the mystery!

Walk and FInd (3)

The latter goal was to help her follow directions when specifically asked to do something. I placed toys on a series of chairs in the hope that she’d move in order from chair to chair to couch, picking up a toy as a prize each step along the way. She followed directions quite well!

Walk and FInd (5)

As a side note, this is a great game to play if your child is in the early stages of walking but still needs to “land” against something after a few steps. Have him or her go from chair to chair (or other similar landing spot), with the toys for encouragement.

Walk and Find (6)

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