Where’s Teddy?

Where's Teddy (4)

This cute version of hide-and-seek will have your toddler busily chasing strings on the way to find a favorite toy!

For set-up, tie a string around a teddy bear’s leg (or another stuffed animal), and hide the animal somewhere in the house. Be sure to leave the yarn or string dangling where your toddler can easily spot it.

Where's Teddy (1)

The favorite bear around here is little British teddy that Veronika calls “Paddington”. “Where’s Paddington?” I asked her, signing “where” in baby sign language.

Where's Teddy (6)

She immediately started towards the stairs, since normally “Paddie” is up in her crib. I redirected her by tugging on the string.

Where's Teddy (3)

It was a little hard for her to wrap her head around the game on the first round. We followed the string together until we found “Paddie” behind a pillow.

Where's Teddy (5)

Next I hid him in a drawer, and this time she understood a bit better about how to follow the string.

Where's Teddy (7)

As with any game that involves string, be sure to supervise closely during play.

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