Creepy-Crawly Pranks

Creepy Crawly Prank (1)

Travis got silly today tricking other members of the family with a few buggy pranks! This was a nice change of pace from home school work, and it felt good to make him laugh.

For the first prank, we simply placed an empty paper cup on daddy’s desk with this note: Do not lift. Huge spider underneath.

Creepy Crawly Prank (4)

Of course there was no spider; it was just about the anticipation. But Travis cackled with delight when his dad opened it up to find nothing creepy waiting beneath.

Then we made a buggy snack! Draw little ants (or other bugs) with a black sharpie on a plastic snack bag.

Creepy Crawly Prank (#)

Fill with food and leave out where the recipient can find ants having a picnic.

Creepy Crawly Prank (6)

The third prank was the best one by far: a giant bug shape that Travis colored in. I cut out the shape and we taped it to the inside of a lamp.

Creepy Crawly Prank (2)

When the lamp turns on, your prank victim will see the large bug shadow. This one definitely got a yelp of surprise! All in all, Travis loved making everyone laugh with these pranks.

Creepy Crawly Prank (5)

Does your child have a favorite prank? Please share in the comments!

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