First Letter in My Name Collage

First Letter Name Collage (6)

This game is not only great for building an awareness of letters and a child’s name (often the first word your child will be able to write), but it also builds vocabulary and self-awareness.

First, I had ten pictures printed up of Veronika. I thought she might be mildly interested in seeing herself, but the game turned out to be quite eye-opening. As I showed her each picture and said, “Who’s that?” she proceeded to tell me everything she saw in the picture except herself. She used words for everything from our cat in the background to what she was holding (“quack!” “lion!”) to what she was wearing (“heart! “coat!” shoes!” “socks!”).

First Letter Name Collage (3)

But she never said “me” or “Veronika” no matter how I prompted her.

First Letter Name Collage (2)

Once we’d gone through the photos, I arranged them in a V on the floor. “V for Veronika!” I said. Again I pointed to her while saying her name.

First Letter Name Collage (4)

And still she insisted on narrating the rest of the pictures to me! I know she knows her name and her reflection in the mirror, so it was fascinating to see that she was least interested in this aspect of the pictures. At least we learned a little about the letter V!

First Letter Name alt

For a more permanent version, tape the photos up to the wall, and your child can return to the visual again and again.

First Letter Name Collage (7)

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