Super Quick Sticker Art

Quick Sticker Art (3)

Looking for a quick way to occupy a toddler’s endlessly curious hands? Look no further than the top drawer of your desk for office supplies!

To wit, Veronika loves the stickers in her big brother’s home school workbook, but I can’t let her have them. Thinking quickly to avoid a tantrum today, I pulled out office dot stickers, the kind you can buy in bulk from any drugstore or office supply store.  And that was it!

Quick Sticker Art (1)

I gave her a few sheets of colored construction paper and just let her start sticking stickers all over.

Quick Sticker Art (2)

Older toddlers might want to be deliberate with their stickers, either grouping them by color, or making a pattern, or lining them up in straight rows. You can even encourage sticker piles, aiming to have your child place one circle directly atop another. For Veronika at a year and half old, this activity was just about pulling them off the sheet and pressing them onto the paper.

Quick Sticker Art (4)

She was so happy to do so!

Quick Sticker Art (5)

When she seemed on the verge of losing interest, I added anther office supply: pens and markers!

Quick Sticker Art (8)

At first I showed her how to draw right on the dots. But okay, this was too advanced for her coordination. Instead, she loved using the markers all around the dots.

Quick Sticker Art (7)

She even tried using two markers at once!

Quick Sticker Art (9)

And best of all, she was very busy.

Quick Sticker Art (10)

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