Sponge Bath

Sponge Bath (5)

Veronika recently painted with sponges, and since we had leftovers from the pack, we decided to continue the fun in the water!

A sponge is the perfect cheap toddler bath toy. First there’s the obvious fact that it’s, well, a sponge! It will hold a large amount of water and toddlers love squeezing them out. Veronika delighted in the squishy sound that it made whenever she did this, as well as the bubbles that foamed up if she squeezed them under water.

Sponge Bath (4)

Then there’s the fact that they stick to the side of the tub. It’s almost like playing with big wet stickers!

Sponge Bath (3)

Plus sponges play right into your toddler’s love of cleaning. My tub was sparkly clean by the end of Veronika’s bath!

Sponge Bath (6)

For learning fun, cut the sponges into shapes before adding them to the tub. It can be a bit tough to cut into thick sponges, but luckily Veronika didn’t mind that my circle and heart were a little crooked.

Sponge Bath (2)

We also talked briefly about the different colors, but honestly I mostly sat back and let her play! An extra long bath never hurts.

Sponge Bath (1)


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