Happy Helper: Floor Mopping

Happy Helper Floor (6)

At around a year and a half, toddlers love to copy everything you do around the house. This makes them the perfect participant for any household chores, but sometimes their “help” can feel more like a hindrance. To wit, Veronika has really wanted to help me mop, but that means dropping toys or brooms into the mop bucket. So today I turned floor mopping into a game to get it out of her system!

I filled a small beach pail with just a little warm water and a few drops of dish soap. Then I gave her a sponge and showed her how to dip it in the water, squeeze out the extra, and start to wash the floor.

Happy Helper Floor (1)

Squeezing excess water is great for muscle development, plus it’s fun to do!

Happy Helper Floor (2)

The idea was to have her work alongside me while I mopped for real, but Veronika had other plans. She upended the bucket, which immediately soaked through her pajamas. Both my kids thought this was hilarious.

Happy Helper Floor (3)

Soon they were eagerly scrubbing the entire kitchen floor – my happy helpers!

Happy Helper Floor (7)

They wanted to play for so long, and when the fun was done, it was immediately upstairs for a change of clothes. And my floor was sparkling!

Happy Helper Floor (5)

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