Sticker Easter Egg

Sticker Easter Egg (5)

It seems strange even to think about the upcoming Easter holiday, knowing we’ll be celebrating with family at a distance… but that’s all the more reason to decorate here at home! This simple-as-can be sticker project allows even little toddlers to have egg decorating fun.

I cut an egg shape from construction paper, choosing purple for the background. and then gave Veronika a sheet of stickers. Knowing we wanted a springtime feel, I chose stickers of butterflies and flowers.

Sticker Easter Egg (1)

These were puffy stickers, which are the perfect type to help toddlers learn to peel stickers off the sheet. If I folded the sheet ever so slightly, the puffy edge of a butterfly would stick up and Veronika could pull it up.

Sticker Easter Egg (3)

In the past, she’s loved just adorning herself with stickers, which I worried might be the case today.

Sticker Easter Egg (2)

But when I said, “Veronika, can you put the sticker on the purple paper?” she followed directions perfectly!

Sticker Easter Egg (4)

She had started to pile a lot of them in one place on the paper, which was just fine; it’s her art work!

Sticker Easter Egg (6)

But when I pointed to other areas of the “egg”, she moved her stickers over to that area. Again, this project turned out to be great for following directions.

Sticker Easter Egg (7)

If big siblings want to join in on the project, challenge them to be more deliberate with their stickers, making rows or patterns.

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