Pom Pom Drop + More Pom Pom Fun

Pom Pom Fun (8)

After recent fun playing with pom poms to develop fine motor skills, Veronika enjoyed a few variations on pom pom play today.

First up was a classic: a pom pom chute! I had a mix of empty toilet paper rolls and empty paper towel rolls, so taped these to the wall almost in a maze.

Pom Pom Drop (1)

Some of them were straight up and down and others I taped at an angle so she could experiment with the different ways this made the pom poms fall.

Pom Pom Drop (4)

Some were high, and some were low…

Pom Pom Drop (5)

…and all were a delight to watch a pom pom disappear and then fall through.

Pom Pom Drop (2)

For variation, we also tried pushing through cotton balls. These were fun because we could stuff a few into the tube before they all fell out the bottom, almost like puffy snowflakes.

Pom Pom Drop (9)

As she played with the pom poms, Veronika frequently named the color of the one she was holding, so I thought it might be time to see if she could sort!

Pom Pom Fun (1)

We played two variations on this. First, I gave her one size pom pom, but in all different colors. She named each color as she moved them into bins I had set out, although she didn’t always place like with like.

Pom Pom Fun (5)

Next, I gave her all one color (only blue) but in three sizes: big, medium, and small. I used a big deep voice when placing a big pom pom in a bin, and a tiny high voice for the small ones.

Pom Pom Fun (2)

I didn’t expect her to ace this, but the concept is coming along, little by little!

Pom Pom Fun (6)

As the day went on, I simplified the game so it qualified more as toddler busy play, leaving just one chute and a container at the bottom. I might leave this taped to the wall for several days, so she can return to it at her leisure.

Pom Pom Drop (7)

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