Measuring Cups & Pots

Measuring Cup Play (4)

With only two weeks of home school left to go, I still need quick fixes to keep Veronika busy while big brother does his lessons! Today I was reminded that sometimes simpler is better. This activity required zero preparation to set up, and zero mess to clean up!

Measuring Cup Play (1)

I just pulled out measuring cups (both the liquid kind and the dry kind) and a pot. That was it. And then I asked her to make imagination soup! My little chef soon went to town. She poured ingredients into the pot…

Measuring Cup Play (3)

…took the lid off and on and enjoyed the clang this made each time…

Measuring Cup Play( (6)

…and of course tasted!

Measuring Cup Play (5)

I loved watching her lift the measuring cups to her lips and make a slurping noise. “Is it yummy?” I asked her. “Yummy!” she replied. Those dry measuring cups are also great because they double as a nesting and stacking toy.

Measuring Cup Play (2)

She kept very busy in her kitchen while Travis did his morning school work. I wonder what she put in her imagination soup?

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