Rolling Down Hills

Rolling Down Hills (2)

What’s childhood without the pure joy of rolling down a hill? Today I introduced Veronika to precisely that!

There’s a small hill just behind our apartment building, just right for the kids to run up and down without being intimidating.

Rolling Down Hills (4)

But today, we lay down on the grass instead! Big brother Travis paved the way, showing Veronika how to roll like a log down.

Rolling Down Hills (3)

She was a bit nervous, and I think the grass prickled her, too, so at first she just lay there without turning. So I got down with her on my belly and we log-rolled together from top to bottom. This produced squeals of delight.

Rolling Down Hills (6)

Pretty soon she was running back up to the top to start again. This activity is so simple, but captures the care-free joy of a childhood summer!

Rolling Down Hills (1)

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