Walking on Pillows

Walking on Pillows (4)

We had a rainy and overcast day today, and the kids were sad to learn they couldn’t head to the playground, especially since it is only newly reopened in our state. Thinking quickly, I devised this gross motor game for them inside: walking on couch pillows!

We stripped the couch of every single pillow, from the big seat cushions to the little side pillows, and arranged them all in a big line. This alone was a thrill – pillows all over the floor!

Walking on Pillows (1)

“Walk?” I asked Veronika, who loves to test her balance. She immediately took my hand and walked the pillow course from start to finish.

Walking on Pillows (3)

Of course then she wanted to do it “all by self”. She was wobbly on the smaller pillows, but so proud.

Walking on Pillows (6)

On the times she wobbled to her knees, she simply turned it into a crawling course instead, which was equally great for gross motor skills.

Walking on Pillows (7)

Big brother Travis could even do it backwards.

Walking on Pillows (8)

She kept trotting over to walk the line over and over again, a sure sign that we had a hit.

Walking on Pillows (5)

And then of course the couch pillows were perfect for a rest after. “Cozy lie down,” she told me.

Walking on Pillows (10)

A quick rest, and then she was up to do it again!

Walking on Pillows (2)

Aside from being great fun, this activity was excellent for building balance. So we had the perfect playground for our rainy day.

Walking on Pillows (9)

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