Color Cards

Color Cards (5)

These easy DIY color flashcards are similar to a set I made for Veronika last week, that time featuring shapes. This time, I likewise covered construction paper with sticky contact paper for durability, and then cut two squares from each color. I wanted all the shapes to be uniform, because the test now was on colors!

I laid all the squares in front of Veronika and held up one green. If I had a green, could she find the match?

Color Cards (2)

It was interesting to watch her go through this game, as it made clear which colors she knows and which she still guesses. She mixes up blue and green, for example, as well as red and orange, but she has a solid grasp on yellow, pink, and white!

Color Cards (4)

Honestly the game didn’t interest her nearly as long as the shape version. But since the squares fit neatly into a zip-top bag, and I can pull these out again and again, the older she gets and the better she knows her colors!

Color Cards (1)

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