Books in a Box

Books in a Box (4)

You might read the title of this blog and think it’s about storing books in an easy-to-reach spot for your child (which, yes, is a great idea). But nope, I mean it more literally; a large enough box is just right for reading books in the box.

Veronika loves reading her “magazines” (Hello from Highlights) and I wanted to create a cozy spot where she could do so. To wit, I had a big box from a diaper delivery that was perfect for this activity.

Books in a Box (2)

First, we needed to decorate it, and Veronika leaps at any chance to pull out her crayons!

Books in a Box (1)

I thought she might like a cozy blanket and pillow nestled inside, along with a few books.

Books in a Box (6)

It turns out she wanted nothing to do with the blanket. But soon was ensconced and rapt with her “reading”.

Books in a Box (5)

Sometimes she wanted to turn the box on its side, more like a cave to crawl into and read.

Books in a Box (7)

Sometimes it was more like her little reading boat.

Books in a Box alt

Add a snack if you want, or simply let reading be the draw. Whatever the case, she loved her little reading box!

Books in a Box (3)

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