Pool Noodle Marshmallow Poppers

Pool Noodle Marshmallow (3)

Travis’s latest issue of Highlights magazine featured tons of ways to craft with pool noodles. With summer mere days away, we decided to test out the first of the lot: a marshmallow launcher! This is similar to a project we made in the past using a cup, but the pool noodle makes a much sturdier version.

To start, cut 3-inch pieces of pool noodle, one for each popper.

Pool Noodle Marshmallow (1)

Tie a knot in a balloon, then cut off the top end of the balloon. Stretch over one end of a pool noodle piece.

Pool Noodle Marshmallow (2)

Secure with duct tape, and add other strips of tape for fun pops of color, if desired. Now fill the cavity of the pool noodle with mini marshmallow (we love Dandies of course!). Pull down on the knot of the balloon and… launch!

Pool Noodle Marshmallow (5)

In addition to great fun trying to catch the marshmallows and eat them, the poppers led to lots of silly marshmallow wars. Travis loved being pelted with them, or pelting me with them, or hiding around the corner waiting to ambush each other.

Pool Noodle Marshmallow (4)

You might just find yourself acting like a kid right alongside your kid! This craft is sure to add a sweet note to any summer day.

Pool Noodle Marshmallow (6)

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