Shaving Cream Fingerpaint

Shaving Cream Fingerpaint (11)

There’s more to this activity than just the sensory fun of shaving cream or the artistic fun of colors and “painting”; half the fun was doing the activity right on the tabletop!

I squirted about half a can of shaving cream onto the kids’ table, which immediately piqued everybody’s interest, Veronika and big brother alike.

Shaving Cream Fingerpaint (1)

The curiosity grew once I added drops of food coloring throughout.

Shaving Cream Fingerpaint (2)

Now it was time for the real sensory fun to begin! I demonstrated for Veronika that she could put her hands right in the mixture, either to swirl the colors around or just to get messy.

Shaving Cream Fingerpaint (3)

Interestingly, she was hesitant at first, but soon a little finger dipped in. Foamy!

Shaving Cream Fingerpaint (4)

The sensation must have made her quite happy because it merited a little swirling dance.

Shaving Cream Fingerpaint (8)

After that, though, I couldn’t quite tell if she liked the shaving cream or was a little afraid of it. She did lots of delicate dabbing, but never got as messy as I had anticipated.

Shaving Cream Fingerpaint (9)

Big brother Travis tried his hand gladly and liked creating “animal footprints” through the shaving cream.

Shaving Cream Fingerpaint (7)

Veronika preferred just having some of the shaving cream on her palms. She smooshed her hands together and admired both the creaminess and the color left behind. Then it was time to wash! And the shaving cream mixture wipes off of the table like a dream.

Shaving Cream Fingerpaint (10)

Overall, this wasn’t the best version of fingerpainting we’ve done as far as producing art. But it was still a great sensory experience.


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