“We Love You Because…” Scavenger Hunt

We Love You Hunt (5)

This love-filled hunt was the perfect way to bring a smile to dad’s face this Father’s Day! You could also use this cute twist on a scavenger hunt for anyone’s birthday, or at Valentine’s Day.

I first traced hearts on construction paper using cookie cutters, making one large heart and 10 small ones. We used pink paper (for love of course) as well as orange because that’s daddy’s favorite color!

We Love You Hunt (1)

Travis helped me brainstorm a list of all the things we love about daddy. I loved leaving this up to him, ranging from the big (he’s daddy so we love him!) to the small (like references to games they play).

We Love You Hunt (2)

We then had fun secreting the pieces of paper all around the house in places that dad was sure to find them throughout his day, like on the coffee pot or near his desk.

We Love You Hunt (3)

Then it was time to surprise daddy with the large heart, which read, “We love you because…” And off he went to find the 10 reasons. The kids looked so proud leading the way on the hunt, and of course their dad loved it.

We Love You Hunt (6)

Who will you make a scavenger hunt for? Please share in the comments!

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