Play Dough Suncatcher Craft


Playdough Suncatchers alt

You can never go wrong with a morning of play dough play, but to add a fun twist when I pulled out all the colors for Veronika this morning, I thought it would be fun to make suncatchers.

Playdough Suncatchers (1)

I showed Veronika how to press small pieces of color into an empty yogurt container lid.

Playdough Suncatchers (2)

She loved to help mush them in, which was great for fine muscle development!

Playdough Suncatchers (3)

Even more, though, she loves to tear play dough into tiny pieces.

Playdough Suncatchers (4)

That meant she unwittingly created the perfect size pieces for me to gather up and arrange in the lids, alternating colors as much as possible.

Playdough Suncatchers (6)

We filled two lids this way!

Playdough Suncatchers (7)

In order to hang them once complete, I cut two pieces of string and made a loop for each suncatcher, securing with an additional blob of play dough.

Playdough Suncatchers (9)

Let the play dough harden and dry overnight, and then you can hang these the next day to catch the morning sunlight.

Playdough Suncatchers (8)

At first I suspended them in the plastic lids. But then I realized the play dough had set enough that I could pop them out from these molds and simply hang in the window. Even prettier!

Playdough Suncatchers var


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