Bunnies on a Log

Fish in the River (4)

Here’s an adorable twist on classic “ants on a log”. We love watching the bunny who hops outside our window each morning to eat the clover, so today we added hopping bunnies to our celery snacks instead! It’s a great recipe for kids to put together themselves.

To start, spread either non-dairy cream cheese or sunflower butter onto cut celery sticks. Travis was thrilled that he was allowed to use the knife all by himself!

Fish in the River (1)

Now add your hopping little bunnies.

Fish in the River (2)

Travis’s verdict was that he liked the cream cheese version better than the sunflower spread. Which will be your kids’ favorite?

Fish in the River (3)

Note: If your family eats dairy, you could put a further spin on this snack by taking it from land to sea: add goldfish crackers in place of the bunnies and you’ll have fish in a river!


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