Sticker Art

Sticker Fun (4)

What can’t you do with stickers? They are the ideal material for kids in so many ways, whether on reward charts, for crafts, to make gifts, or more. Sometimes (like, say, a rainy morning) all you need to do is pull out your current sticker collection and let your kids go to town!

Right now I have loads of puffy stickers since these are easy for Veronika to pull from the sheets with little toddler fingers.

Sticker Fun (1)

I gave her paper plates as her canvas and she simply set to work. Peel off sticker, stick onto paper plate, repeat. This turned out to be excellent not just for keeping her busy, but also for vocabulary practice, since she wanted to name each sticker as she placed it on. “Bus! Tractor!” and so on.

Sticker Fun (3)

It also was great for the concept of matching since sometimes there were two of a given item in her sticker sheet. “One carrot, two carrot! One banana, two banana!”

Sticker Fun (9)

But mostly she just loved creating “art” with all the bright, colorful stickers. Big brother Travis joined in, too, deliberately creating themes on each of his paper plates.

Sticker Fun (5)

When the kids were done, I taped the plates to the wall for an easy “art gallery”.

Sticker Fun (8)

Veronika had also used heart stickers all over an empty water bottle.

Sticker Fun alt

This turned into an impromptu flower vase, and actually looked quite beautiful!

Sticker Fun var

As a final component of the morning’s play, we made DIY stickers on blank office labels. Veronika scribbled on them with marker and then was delighted to realize they could peel and stick just like other stickers.

Sticker Fun (6)

We added a few of these to the paper plates, too.

Sticker Fun (7)

What is your toddler’s favorite sticker craft? Please share in the comments!

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