Fireworks Printing

Fireworks Painting (6)

We’re busy decorating for the upcoming 4th of July, and this was a fantastic way to make prints that looked just like exploding fireworks!

I had a few plastic scrubber sponges which I knew would be perfect for the craft. (Note: look for these in the cleaning supplies aisle of the supermarket).

I set out black construction paper for the night sky, along with paper plates containing red, white, and blue paint. Using one scrubber sponge per color, dip in the paint and then press to the paper.

Fireworks Painting (2)

“Pop!” I said, as I demonstrated to Veronika. “We made a firework!” Saying “pop!” was half the fun of the game, and Veronika proceeded to pop pop pop her fireworks all over.

Fireworks Painting (3)

In this way, we  filled up the black paper rather quickly!

Fireworks Painting (7)

That meant this was a great art project, but definitely not a way to keep your toddler occupied solo.

Fireworks Painting (4)

Even though we can’t watch real fireworks this year, at least our home will be spangled with them!

Fireworks Painting (5)

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