3 Ways to Celebrate Watermelon

National Watermelon Month (3)

We learned that the whole month of July is National Watermelon Month (as if we need an excuse to eat it when this fruit is the epitome of summertime), so today we decided to throw a party for this fantastic fruit!

The kids loved getting silly with this. First we needed to decorate, so we made watermelon a banner of… watermelon!

National Watermelon Month (2)

Color the center of paper plates pink with marker or crayons, then add green around the edges for the rind. Don’t forget the black seeds!

National Watermelon Month (4)

If you want, cut the plates into triangles and string up in a garland this way like watermelon wedges. We left ours as circles and I festooned the kitchen door with this ode-to-watermelon.

How better to celebrate watermelon, next, than to eat it! For fun, we cut some slices into “fries” and dipped them into yogurt “ketchup”.

National Watermelon Month (1)

Or, cut a circle cross-section from a whole watermelon and spread with your favorite yogurt. This could be a pizza… Or a cake! Travis decided he wanted his topped with non-dairy cream cheese instead.

National Watermelon Month (5)

Any favorite watermelon treats in your home? Please share in the comments!

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