Teddy Swing

Teddy Swing (2)

Veronika’s favorite activity at the playground is the swings, so I thought for sure she’d enjoy letting her stuffed animals have a turn. It turned out this activity wasn’t nearly as fun as the real thing!

I tied yarn securely around the waist of two favorite stuffed animals, a teddy bear and a monkey, then looped the other end of the yarn over a low tree limb.

The animals were hanging right about chest height on Veronika so she could easily give them a push. But I think she got a little nervous seeing her animals dangling!

Teddy Swing (3)

It turned out big brother Travis liked this activity a whole lot more. He, at least, loved giving the animals big swings!

Teddy Swing (4)

Perhaps your toddler will enjoy it more! Let me know what your kids think in the comments.

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