Climbing Practice

Climbing Practice (4)

We couldn’t get to the real playground this morning because of rain, so turned the living room into an indoor playground instead! If you’re helping your toddler learn to climb and navigate playground structures (which can be tricky for toddlers!), pillows are an excellent learning opportunity.

Climbing Practice (1)

I set up all the couch pillows in such a way that Veronika could crawl from pillow to pillow and make her way up to the top of the actual couch. She was so excited she threw herself into the mix!

Climbing Practice (2)

Her favorite was the squishiest pillow from the back of the couch, which could be crawled up…

Climbing Practice (6)

…slid down like a slide…

Climbing Practice (11)

…and more. Then she said, “Let’s walk!” “Good idea,” I complimented her, and she was so proud.

Climbing Practice (7)

“Good idea!” she parroted, and danced and pranced from pillow to pillow.

Climbing Practice (3)

Amazingly, we had no bumps or bruises! I was really happy when she used the pillows as I’d intended, like stairs to reach the top of the couch.

Climbing Practice (8)

We did a big round of “hip hip hooray” to celebrate.

Climbing Practice (9)

You’ll notice big brother Travis wanted in on the action, too.

Climbing Practice (10)

A big heap of pillows is fun no matter how old they get.

Climbing Practice (12)


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