Bubble Wrap Printing

Bubble Wrap Printing (7)

Extra bubble wrap is always great for play, and today we even turned it into part of an art project.

To start, I taped down various pieces of bubble wrap to the craft table securely. We’ve gotten a nice variety in packages lately, meaning our bubbles ranged from the very tiny to puffy big ones.

Bubble Wrap Printing (1)

I then set out cups of paint for Veronika (in shiny metallics just for fun).

Bubble Wrap Printing (2)

She trotted over immediately and started painting. “Ooh, pink! Ooh blue!” she said as she worked.

Bubble Wrap Printing (3)

I could tell she enjoyed the bumpy feeling of running her brush over the bubbles. She stopped now and then to pop some, too.

Bubble Wrap Printing (5)

Once our bubbles were covered in a nice layer of paint, I pressed a piece of poster board on top, then lifted it up to show her the print. “Bubbles!” she said with delight.

Bubble Wrap Printing (8)

We repeated the process so we ended up with two neat prints. This is a simple craft, and perfect for toddlers.

Bubble Wrap Printing (4)


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