Break Out the Sprinkler!

Break Out the Sprinkler (3)

I was reminded today that often the best activities are the simplest. And when it’s almost 100 degrees, “the simplest” can only mean one thing. It’s time to break out the sprinkler!

Just turn it on, sit back, and watch what your kids do.

Break Out the Sprinkler (5)

In truth, both my kids are reluctant to run and jump through the spray from our flower sprinklers, although this is the most obvious use of it. But they do love the following:

Splashing in the puddles it makes on the driveway;

Break Out the Sprinkler (4)

Watching for rainbows that arc through the spray of water;

Break Out the Sprinkler (2)

Washing dolls or other toys in the stream of water;

Break Out the Sprinkler (6)

Running chalk under the water (which then makes for dark, rich colors in our sidewalk drawings);

Break Out the Sprinkler (7)

And standing close enough to get misted with water…but not soaked!

Break Out the Sprinkler (1)

What do your kids love to do with the sprinkler? Please share in the comments!

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