Create a Driveway Mural

Driveway Mural (8)

Here’s a suggestion if your kids are tired of making hopscotch boards with their sidewalk chalk. Suggest they create a full character mural instead!

One way to do this activity would be to trace each other’s shadows, then fill in the details: clothing, hair, accessories, props, and more. I knew it would be hard to get my kids to stand still for shadow tracing, though, so suggested we trace their dolls!

Driveway Mural (1)

Travis loved the way the chalk outlines looked as soon as I made the first tracing.

Driveway Mural (4)

Immediately he was filling in the details. The first one was Yoda, with a light saber and cane!

Driveway Mural (2)

The Star Wars theme continued, including an Ewok, Darth Vader, and more. And some of them were just silly monsters!

Driveway Mural (6)

Older kids can be more serious and true to life in their mural. Challenge them with the following: Can you make the tracing look like yourself, or a friend? What would it wear? What props would it have?

Driveway Mural (9)

For kids who are almost 6 and almost 2, I’d say our turned out pretty nicely! I’d love to hear your results in the comments!

Driveway Mural (7)

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