Sidewalk Chalk Mark Making

Sidewalk Chalk Marking (5)

While big brother was busy using chalk for a school assignment, Veronika made chalk marks of her own today! Originally, I thought it might just be fun for her to use chalk on a bench, as opposed to pavement, for the novelty of the drawing surface. But this also turned out to be the first time that she announced she had drawn a specific thing!

First, we simply started chalking side by side. I made a few recognizable objects for her like a star and heart, and pointed them out.

Sidewalk Chalk Marking (1)

Moments later, she told me this red mark was a bird! “Tweet tweet!” she said. “Red bird!”

Sidewalk Chalk Marking (4)

I knew she was being deliberate, because she picked up blue next and said, “Blue bird!” as she scribbled.

Sidewalk Chalk Marking (9)

From there she was off and running. She told me she was drawing Daniel Tiger, rainbows, and more.

Sidewalk Chalk Marking (8)

Of course none of her marks would be recognizable as such, but it was the intent that amazed me coming from an eighteen month old.

Sidewalk Chalk Marking (7)

She looked so proud of her work. We’ll have to chalk on non-traditional surfaces more often!

Sidewalk Chalk Marking (3)

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