I Hear Thunder

I Hear Thunder (1)

We’ve had crazy weather lately, including unseasonable May snow today. It had me thinking about weather songs to sing with Veronika, and this one has always been a favorite.

First, I simply sang the words for Veronika:

I hear thunder. I hear thunder.

Hear it roar. Hear it roar.

Pitter patter raindrops,

Pitter patter raindrops.

I’m all wet. I’m all wet.

The second time through, we added actions. You can just use your body at first: stomp feet on the floor for thunder, flutter your fingers through the air for rain, and give a big shiver at the end.

I Hear Thunder (6)

The shiver in particular made Veronika laugh every time!

I Hear Thunder (5)

Then we added props. Drums made the perfect thunder of course.

I Hear Thunder (3)

And shaky instruments like maracas and rain sticks were great for raindrops.

I Hear Thunder (4)

Veronika chimed in (literally!) on the triangle.

I Hear Thunder (7)

This all made for fun musical play on a windy cold morning.


Dress-Up Box

Dress Up Box (7)

Veronika has played dress-up with tot-sized clothes in the past, but sometimes it’s even more fun just to raid mommy’s closet!

Today, I pulled out items that were either old or that I simply didn’t mind Veronika playing with, and we set everything out on the ground for easy access.

Dress Up Box (1)

In no time, she was trying on old bathrobes and sports jerseys (which looked more like adorable dresses on her!).

Dress Up Box (5)

Add accessories like hats, purses, and shoes, and the mixing and matching can begin!

Dress Up Box (2)

For added fun, we decided our dress-up trunk (really just an old box) needed some sprucing up.

Dress Up Box (9)

Big brother joined in to help paint the sides of the box in multiple colors. This got pretty messy pretty quickly, but there’s no time like a chilly May morning to make a mess indoors!

Dress Up Box (10)

We left the pile of clothes out pretty much all day, and every time she went over to it, Veronika selected something new.

Dress Up Box (8)

Do your kids have a favorite dress-up item? Please share in the comments!

Dress Up Box (11)